The Quarantine Times 36 – The Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System

              During these unusual times, there is not enough discussion about how to boost our immune systems. Although good practices like washing hands thoroughly and social distancing is important, there is very little information being passed around on the best ways to boost our immune systems. This inside out approach should be more of a priority because it is more essential to our health and wellbeing.

              We all know that vitamin C is great for our immune system. But what else can we do to strengthen that function of our bodies? I’d like to lay out the best “no so obvious” ways to boost your immunes system:

  1. Sweat
    1. This one is much too overlooked. There is not enough focus on our health being the top priority here. It doesn’t matter if it’s from a hard workout, sauna, or even just the sun. Do something that makes you sweat. Sweating is the result of an increased body temperature. This increase in body temperature helps boost our immune system tremendously. This puts our bodies in a state that fights off foreign infection. This is why we get a fever when we get sick. It is our bodies reacting to the fever by raising our body temperature to fight off the infection. Before you do anything else, make sure to leave time in your day to sweat. It will be the best thing for you and your immune system.
  2. Vitamin D
    1. The next best overlooked method is to consume vitamin D. Now more than ever, vitamin D is crucial to help our immune system. Vitamin C has gotten most of the spotlight when it comes to immune system boosting effects and rightfully so. However, it’s important not to forget about vitamin D. This vitamin is essentially a healthy hormone that regulates all bodily functions including our immune system. Vitamin D deficiencies has been linked to numerous health concerns including weak immune systems. Since we are all staying inside more than normal thanks to the quarantine, it’s important to replace this lack of sunlight with vitamin D supplements to carry the load.
  3. Water
    1. Drinking lots of water sounds like an obvious answer, but most Americans still neglect this step. Staying hydrated is essential for keeping a high functioning immune system.
  4. Green Tea
    1. Green Tea has been proven to boost immune functionality immensely. Just one cup a day can have several benefits like weight loss, cognitive enhancement and longevity, and immune system boosting agents.
  5.  Stay Away From Alcohol
    1. Alcohol is one of the best ways to dehydrate yourself. Dehydration leads to a number of health concerns. One of those concerns is a compromised immune system. As a result, during this time of quarantine, perhaps take a break from alcohol or at least limit the amount you drink until the pandemic is more controlled.

I hope these points helped you discover the best ways to enhance your immune system. Outside of the obvious steps like taking vitamin C, these steps are often overlooked and will certainly help boost your immune system’s functionality. Best of luck and stay healthy!

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