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Some Clarity on Entrepreneurship

This just in…I had some clarity recently about entrepreneurship. Get ready for this. I’m slowly realizing that I get bogged down on what to sell, when in reality, I should be more concerned about the real reason I’m doing this. Which is to do it. That’s the real value in it for me. Is to … More Some Clarity on Entrepreneurship

An Unfortunate Situation

Believe me when I tell you, there is nothing more humbling than slightly soiling yourself at work. Although it could have been much worse, an experience like this really tests how comfortable you are in your own skin. Now I don’t mean that I flaunted this to the office. But I handled the situation discretely … More An Unfortunate Situation

OK. I need a product to sell.

I’m sick and tired of this. Reading so many articles and blogs that are focused on startups and side hustles and entrepreneurship and not having a damn product to sell. I’m not sure if it is me trying to talk myself out of doing this or me just being dumb enough or boring enough to … More OK. I need a product to sell.

Side Hustle Workout

Alright. Here we go. For this year my only resolution is make 1 entrepreneurial dollar. That means any way possible. Most likely by setting up a website on Shopify and selling something easy like a shirt or water bottle. The idea isn’t to break the internet with the next big thing. The point is to … More Side Hustle Workout

Conrad’s Weekly Rhythms 3

              Welcome to another edition of Conrad’s Weekly Rhythms. On today’s episode we will be discussing a band that I recently came across that is growing on me a lot. The group is called Mt. Joy. They are a very talented set of musicians that have a Dave Matthews meets O.A.R. meets Counting Crows meets … More Conrad’s Weekly Rhythms 3

How to Properly Chase Your Crush

              Everyone has crushes. But there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to what to do and how to appropriately approach the situation. If you have a crush, chances are you don’t just want to get into her pants. You probably have a crush because there is something else besides looks that is … More How to Properly Chase Your Crush

Conrad’s Weekly Rhythms 2

              Here are this week’s tunes that have been in my speakers. It’s spring and the nicer weather has been giving me lots of energy to go outside and have some fun. And the music below is a great compliment to match and amplify that energy. Most of these songs are remixes from already popular … More Conrad’s Weekly Rhythms 2

Diet Philosophy

              My philosophy on diet is very simple. So this will be a short read. I always laugh to myself when I hear about people struggling to lose weight/gain weight and then they tell me about their diet and it’s all junk. Let me be very clear. Putting the right stuff in your body is … More Diet Philosophy

How to Have Better Conversations

You’d be surprised by the number of people that don’t know how to have a proper, interesting conversation. I’ve adapted the concepts that I’m preaching from one of my favorite books, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and It’s All Small Stuff by Richard Carlson. If you haven’t read the book I couldn’t recommend it enough to … More How to Have Better Conversations

Building Your Social Circle

              Moving to a new city can be intimidating, especially when you don’t really know anyone in the area. I moved to Baltimore almost a year ago and I was a little nervous about finding a pack to run with. One of the most important decisions we make in our lives is who we decide … More Building Your Social Circle

How to Increase Your Vertical

              I used to be obsessed with increasing my vertical. In my early high school years, I couldn’t wait to start dunking. I tried a bunch of things to boost my vert and I narrowed down the top exercises that helped me not only increase my vertical but increase my overall athleticism. I was more … More How to Increase Your Vertical

Handling a Breakup

             Handling a breakup is never an easy task. The longer the relationship, the worse it is getting over him or her. I have some thoughts on this subject that has helped me come out of 2 horrible breakups on top. You learn the most about yourself when you go through a breakup. In the … More Handling a Breakup

Getting Abs is Easy

             This is a bit of a difficult blog for me to write. I don’t want to offend anyone that’s struggled with trying to get abs. I also don’t want to come off as cocky or arrogant by saying I’ve had abs since high school. But I really believe there are just a few steps … More Getting Abs is Easy

Conrad’s Weekly Rhythms 1

This is the first blog of my new series titled “Weekly Rhythms” where I share what music I’ve been hooked on for each of the past weeks. I have an extremely wide variety of music that I enjoy. However, you won’t find any Country in this series. Sorry, just isn’t my cup of tea.               … More Conrad’s Weekly Rhythms 1

Breaking Down My Morning Routine

I’ve always been oddly curious of people’s morning routines and definitely do not take mine for granted. There’s a lot to be said about how someone chooses to start their day. This blog is about my morning routine/hacks and how it helps me to tackle my day. SUNLIGHT – Getting out of bed is easier … More Breaking Down My Morning Routine

How to Become an Idea Machine

If you’ve ever struggled coming up with a product or service you’d like to sell or start a company around, then you may want to read on. I came across this book, Choose Yourself by James Altucher, and was blown away with the material in it. For those who have read the book then this … More How to Become an Idea Machine

Increasing Testosterone Naturally

Having higher levels of testosterone (T) can have a number of positive effects on the male body. The benefits of having higher T include: Building muscle Contributes to hair growth Increase libido (aka sex drive) More energy/better mood Memory and brain function Decrease inflammation Now with all things, too much can have a bad effect. … More Increasing Testosterone Naturally

Work Productivity/Energy Hacks

I started a new corporate full-time position almost a year ago. Coming fresh off getting my MBA, I thought I was ready to take on the world. In a sense I was. However, I underestimated the stamina it takes to sit at a desk for hours at a time. For those of you without a … More Work Productivity/Energy Hacks

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