The Part of Us We Can’t Control, but Has the Greatest Impact

I wanted to talk about the two sides of every human. The logical conscious side and the emotional subconscious side of our minds. This dynamic between what we think and how we feel will forever be interesting to me. On one side, we have analytical thought where most of our purposeful thinking comes from. Businessmen … More The Part of Us We Can’t Control, but Has the Greatest Impact

The Practicality of Cooking

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????????????? If you’ve read my blogs on cooking then you know how simplistic I am. Simple is ideal for cooking. Especially when cooking to achieve body and nutritional goals. That’s why this blog is title “The Practicality of Cooking”. Cooking has to be practical. If not, then you’ll drive yourself mad…

Recovery 101

Recently I’ve thought more and more about recovery. Since I’m not in college and my body doesn’t heal itself overnight, I need to give recovery more attention than ever before. And I’m coming to terms with this being true not matter what part of my life I’m in. For most of the 20th century, getting … More Recovery 101

The Quarantine Times 40 – Here’s What the Pandemic Has Taught Me

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????????????? Today marks Edition #40 of the Quarantine Times series. It was an experimental series that covered a range of topics that came along with the coronavirus without talking directly about the coronavirus. Since I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about COVID just in your everyday life, I wanted to look past…