Breaking Down My Morning Routine


I’ve always been oddly curious of people’s
morning routines and definitely do not take mine for granted. There’s a lot to
be said about how someone chooses to start their day. This blog is about my
morning routine/hacks and how it helps me to tackle my day.

  1. SUNLIGHT – Getting out of bed is easier said
    than done, I know. The best trick I do which has been super helpful is sleep
    with the blinds open. Hopefully you’re not sleeping on the first floor so
    people can peep in throughout the night. Keeping the blinds open will let sun
    light through your windows in the morning. Having the sunlight gradually fill
    your room and hit your face naturally helps us wake up. Before we had all this
    technology, back to when we were cavemen, we would fall asleep when it got dark
    and wake up when the sun came up…

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