The Quarantine Times 15 – Where Does Laziness Come From and How To Conquer It?

              I plead the fifth. One of my most well-known traits is that I enjoy to relax from time to time. I may be putting this too gently. One of the things I would change most about myself is that I wish I wasn’t so lazy. There are plenty of mornings where I just want to lay in bed and pull the covers over my head and stay there until noon. There are other examples of me wanting to start a business and not being able to take the first step. Where does this laziness come from? How can I conquer it?

              If I was to change one thing about myself, it would be that I would have more energy and wouldn’t be as lazy. Does my laziness come from nature or nurture? Well I come from a hard working family that prides itself on getting things done. I could not have asked for a better childhood, but one of my earliest memories is me watching TV on a summer day and my mother telling me that she is sick of me watching TV and that I should go outside and do something. That’s one of those memories that just doesn’t leave your mind. Don’t get me wrong. I love the outdoors. In fact, most of my friends probably wouldn’t describe me as being lazy at all. But there are certainly times where I notice myself being lazy. Does the memory of my mother telling me don’t be lazy trigger something inside me to conform to society? In other words, if my mother thinks I’m lazy, did I start becoming lazier from the pressure of fitting her image of me? Now that’s an interesting thought. Or is it that I simply enjoy relaxing? I am generally a low stressful person so maybe that I’m lazy once in a while is part of the hand I was dealt. I guess there are worse personality traits to have then being comfortable with relaxing.

              There are many benefits from having this relaxed personality. But the laziness part is one I still harp on from time to time. How can I conquer this laziness? In fact, I have already taken steps to conquer this laziness. It is not a full proof plan, but it sets me on the right path. I have taken out all distractions from my work days that would take away from my work or personal productivity. I have also utilized morning journaling. This has been a crucial part of my day. I’ve noticed that journaling in the morning provides me with a jolt of energy to get my day started right. More importantly, it allows me to put down all my fears on paper in a no judgment way. This way, I can be totally honest with myself. By putting my morning thoughts on paper first thing in the morning, I am able to confront any fears that were lingering in my head. There is something that happens when we write our fears down on paper. In my experience, whenever I write down a fear, for some reason it becomes less of a fear. It’s like I take this demon out of my head and stick in this journal and it sits there rather than in my head. It’s safe to say this is like therapy in a way. Journaling is a very cheap and effective way to get those demons out of your head and into the demon dungeon, also known as your journal. This process clears up your mind to tackle the rest of the day. I encourage everyone to start a morning journal. It can be as long or as short as you’d like it to be. The important thing is that you write down whatever is in your mind at the time. It could be fear, a song lyric that’s stuck in your head, something you have to do that day, a prayer, a business idea, or a reminder to yourself that you have to call your friend. There are no limits to what you can write for yourself. It is all completely confidential.

Writing down your thoughts is one way to conquer laziness. It allows me to start my day with a clear head to get my work done. It also is a reminder to myself to get that demon of laziness out of my head and into my journal. It reminds myself what’s important and what I need to do that day. I also found it very good at acting as a substitute for highly caffeinated drinks. Whether it’s on paper or on the screen, I encourage everyone to start writing down their thoughts. You’ll be able to start your days with a clear head and make those daily fears of yours much more conquerable.

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