Limit your Screen Time

              Have you ever been in a rut? Like one that is slightly depressing and very lazy? As if there was no productive momentum in your life at that time. I’ve had plenty of these episodes. Sometimes they last weeks and sometimes they last a day or two. But over time, I’ve gotten better at dealing with these depressive states. And I want to show you all what has worked for me when these states inevitably come.

              These mild depressive states are no fun. It’s as if your enthusiasm for exploring the world or sampling life has gone away. Your momentum in life came to a halt and you’re stuck waiting for the next wave of passion to come into your life. Well, I can say that this funk isn’t a question about passion when it hits you. It’s much more complex than that. I can’t say why these states happen. But I can tell you how to mitigate the effects of these states and get you back on your feet quicker than expected. 

              For me, I get into these states fairly easily. And I even have a good idea what draws me into this depressive state. My culprit is too much screen time. Screen time on my computer doing work. Screen time on my phone browsing endlessly on social media. Screen time on the TV watching Netflix or YouTube videos. Screen time is my biggest enemy. It is my momentum stopper. For this reason, it’s important for me to step away from time to time and go on a walk perhaps. Get my mind and eyes off of the screens even if it’s just for 30 minutes. You’d be surprised how far that little adjustment can take you. The mix of being in nature, walking, having natural sounds come into your ears, and having your eyes off the bright lights of screens all day long. This mixture of life almost always puts energy and enthusiasm back into my day. And even back into my life.

              Getting away from screens and going on a walk is the best daily practice I do. Nowadays, instead of waiting for a depressive day to hit, I go on walks proactively. I solve the problem before it ever gets to me. My recommendation for anyone going through a funk is to go for a walk in the park. Or even better, the woods. Submerge yourself in nature even if it’s for a short period of time. This will help your state of mind immensely. You will feel better almost immediately and be glad you took a quick 30 minute break from the screens.

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