How Comfort Can Hold Us Back

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????????????? Who doesn’t love putting on a movie and relaxing under some blankets? Everyone needs some down time to unwind and de-stress. However, there’s more to comfort than being physically comfortable. Many of us like to relax and wind down physically after a long day. And there’s no problem with that.…

“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun” – Albert Einstein

              “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” This is one of the most truthful quotes I’ve seen on creativity. I first came across the quote when I had writer’s block looking for a remedy. And when I stumbled upon this quote, it really made me stop and think. Yes, creativity is something that some of us … More “Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun” – Albert Einstein

I Tried Transcendental Meditation and This Happened

              I first tried meditation when I was in college. Me and some new friends saw this cool trend online and read about all the benefits of doing this simple ritual. Since then, I’ve tried numerous different methods of meditation and have focused on consistency. It’s not always easy to meditate every day. But lately, … More I Tried Transcendental Meditation and This Happened

Change Is the Only Constant

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????????????? We humans can be so scared of change at times. I know I can be. The unknown can be nerve-wrecking at times especially if it’s a big change like moving or making a decision about work or deciding to have a baby with your spouse. Why aren’t we more welcoming…