Why a Morning Routine is so Important

              The right morning routine can propel your day to becoming productive, meaningful, and engaging. Having a routine where you consistently work on something small can make a big difference. Here’s my routine. I wake up, make either tea or coffee, while that brews/cools down I write. This is the important piece. I write every day. It’s part of my routine. What do I write about? Well, anything. Anything that pops into my mind. Right after you wake up, you brain is still half asleep. Your prefrontal cortex is not activated. With the prefrontal cortex still idling after waking up, this is when we can be most creative while interesting thoughts are still bouncing around. It’s as if you are in a mild dream state, but awake. And we all know how creative and wild dreams can be. When I write, I want to utilize this state of mind the best I can. And that is to write first thing in the morning.

              The benefits of this are infinite. Mainly because I don’t limit myself on to what to write about. Often times I chose to write about life experiences, recent learning opportunities, comedic thoughts that I had overnight, or even what’s stressing me out in life. The last part is crucial. The simple act of writing down your fears and what’s stressing you out can make a huge difference on how we look at those fears. In a way, it’s as if getting those thoughts out of your mind and onto the paper or screen is a way to dampen the intensity of those fears. This is amazing to do in the morning because it makes your day or week ahead seem less intimidating and much more manageable, perhaps giving you the confidence boost needed to get through it.

              It doesn’t matter what your routine is. All that matters is that you have something that you can do that’s productive and helpful to yourself. For me, it’s writing. But in the past, I’ve done exercise, stretched, ran, clean, and even worked. I’ve found that writing is most suitable for me at this point in life. It’s my mini therapy session, helps me plan out my day, store away any creative thoughts I had, and gives me purpose to my day. It checks a lot of boxes that I want to cover in a morning routine. So, here’s my advice to you. Find a morning routine that is do-able on a daily basis first and foremost. Then, make sure that it benefits you in one way or another. There is no reason to make a morning routine difficult. Make it easy. Baby steps are much more sustainable in the long haul then large leaps. It may take some trial and error to figure out what works for you, but you’ll figure it out eventually if you keep your mind to it. Once you figure it out, then consistently doing every morning or every weekday morning is the next step. You’ll watch yourself grow and you’ll have more meaningful days because of it. Happy mornings to you!

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