For Progress, Become A Baby

              I’m a huge advocate for trying new things. New activities, skills, or hobbies are all great to have a more fulfilled life. However, trying new things is not always easy. It takes a lot of courage. Chances are that you are starting from zero on a new endeavor, and this can be scary for some people. That’s why it’s important to set your ego aside and become a sponge, no matter what anyone thinks. I’m taking salsa dancing lessons at the moment and although I have a background in swing dance, I didn’t know the first thing about salsa before my first lesson. I was nervous. Nervous that I wouldn’t pick it up right away. I was nervous that I’d embarrass myself in front of the class. I was nervous that I’d get a feeling of discouragement. These feelings always pop into our minds as we start anything new. That’s why it takes courage. We have to set these doubts aside and accept that we must crawl before we can walk. And we must walk before we can run.

              When starting anything new, treat yourself like a baby. For one, a baby doesn’t care about the approval of anyone. Try and take out any fear of embarrassment you may have and give yourself up to learn a new skill. A baby only cares about learning how to crawl, or walk, or run. Not because it want’s the acceptance of others, but because a baby knows this is the way of progress. Accept that there may be some growing pains whether that be mentally or physically. Learning a new skill or craft is going to put you in place a little. It’s going to challenge your mind to not care about what others think. This is one of the biggest learning opportunities when trying something new. At first, it’s an odd feeling. But after you accept that you are low on the totem pole, it makes it easier to learn, ask questions, take risks, and progress in your new endeavor.

              Trying new things is never easy. But it sure is worth it. It makes for a more fulfilling life and adds a new level to you. I’m currently going through this now with salsa dancing. I am putting my ego aside and accepting the fact that I know nothing. I’ve also experienced this feeling with Jiu Jitsu. Accepting that I must crawl before I can walk is the only way to make progress. It will help clear out any doubts in your mind about yourself and take your mind off others. Do not fear nor look for other people’s acceptance. Let that come later after you already become fluent in the skill. For now, become a baby and absorb all the learning material you can so you can progress as efficiently as possible.

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