Navigating Women in a Single World

              I’ve been single for about 4 months now. My past girlfriend and I decided it was best to go separate ways after her life was taking her in another direction. There are no hard feelings and I wish her all the best. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work out. I was with my ex for two years, so it’s been that long since I was last single. Obviously, there are plenty of negative feelings and emotions that everyone goes through after a breakup. But I’d be lying if I said there weren’t any positives as well. Since getting back on the single train, I’ve picked up some new tricks and shook the rust off of old tricks that are worth sharing to any single man or woman out there.

              If you are newly single, the one thing you crave the most is female attention. If you’re a woman, then you’re most likely craving male attention. But for simplicity reasons I’m going to give the perspective of a straight man. However, all of this applies to any gender with any sexual preference. Attention is the one stimulus everyone misses after a breakup. That’s why it’s incredibly important to surround yourself with plenty of friends and as often as possible. You’ll feel better and it will give you a greater sense of moving on rather than coping with a breakup in isolation.

              The next thing to do after surrounding yourself with friends is to get back out there. There are lots of pros to being single so you might as well have some fun with it. The worst thing anyone can do after a breakup is to get reattached too soon to someone else. When I say get back out there, this is not what I mean. What I mean is to go on dates! And lots of them with all kinds of people! Going on lots of dates gives a man or woman a reason to get out the house, a reason to be a little nervous, a reason to portray your best self, and a reason to be social. These are all awesome things to consider when being single. I also recommend having as much sex as you can handle. Just remember to practice safe sex and honesty with the women you’re seeing. Safe sex will keep you from DDD, or as my friends and I call, “Dirty Dick Depression” which is not a fun feeling. As for being honest with the women you’re seeing, it’s important to let them know where your head is at especially if you’re seeing multiple women at a time. If you’re not looking for a formal relationship and just want something physical, then let them know that. If you’re just looking to have fun and aren’t looking to date, be honest about your intentions. You’d be surprised how many women out there are only looking for fun too. And as for the women that don’t align with your intentions, they will appreciate the honesty. They may not be happy with it, but they will certainly respect you for it. Sometimes I’ve found that the women who are looking for more than a strictly physical relationship will continue to see you as if you’re playing hard to get. But it’s important to be brutally honest about your intentions and not to do anything you or the women feel uncomfortable about.

              Safe sex with multiple partners gives us a chance to explore our sexual side. It allows us to try new and exciting things in the bedroom. It gives us a chance to learn more about what women like and what women don’t like. This helps us men to become better at communicating between the sheets which is a crucial part of improving your sexual development. If you keep an open mind, it’s likely that you’ll learn a thing or two from your partners. Put simply, you get better at sex and gain confidence that you’re able to pleasure your partner physically and emotionally. The emotional side of sex plays a large role in the overall experience. Use this sexual outlet as a temporary escape from all the outside noise going on in your life. Chances are that you partner will be doing the same.

              Sex isn’t the only benefit of being single. Developing better social skills is the number one thing that I appreciate the most about being single. Going on dates, talking to multiple women, learning how to properly communicate your ideas, and being funny and interesting are all critical to improving our social skills. Social skills like these aren’t only applicable to dating, too. This overlaps into various other aspects of our lives as well. Developing the ability to win people over is a form of marketing. Learning how to better market yourself on dates and with new friends will lead to being better at marketing in a professional setting as well. Communication skills and social skills are relevant to almost all areas of our lives including our professional development. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for new ways to reach your audience, or if you’re working in Corporate America trying to get promoted, the world awards those who have better social and communication skills.

              Being single has many benefits. It gives us a chance to focus on our work and have some fun while developing important skills that can be used across a wide variety of settings. If recently single, then these tricks and tools can help you get over your ex and move on. It can help you develop new relationships, whether they are friendly or sexual relationships, or both. There’s a lot of great parts about being single, so have some fun and take advantage of this time.

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