Turn Boring Sex into Exciting Sex

              Sex is a healthy part of life. That’s just a fact. And whether you’re young or old, all of us can benefit from adding some spice into our bedroom rituals. This is especially true for when couples have been together for a long time. There tends to become a routine and it can start to be very repetitive. Adding some new positions, new energy, or even a new mindset in the bedroom can all make a big difference between the sheets.

              Over the past 4 months or so, I’ve started to think about sex a little differently than I normally have. There have been times that I have gotten stuck in a repetitive routine. It was if my focus was to fulfill a need or a desire that I had. There’s nothing sexy about knowing what’s next and exactly when it’s going to happen. That’s why I’ve been experimenting with a couple different things during my late-night sessions. The biggest switch that I’ve made is that I’m thinking of sex more as play, rather than the act of penetration. Here’s what I mean. Playing with and exploring each other’s body is a great way to keep things interesting. Slowing finding out where your partner’s spots are can turn into a game of hide ‘n go seek. A “spot” could be a place on the body where it’s either slightly ticklish or sensitive. If you already know your partner’s spots, then look for new ways to stimulate them. Stimulating these spots in a sexual way can yield some pretty amazing effects on her mental state in the moment. In my experience, every girl has different spots. One girl’s spot was her earlobes, another her nipples, another her inner thighs, and so on. A girl may not even know if she has a spot since no one has taken the time to fully explore her body. So, if you are convinced that you already know your girls’ spots, try and find another one. Don’t stop at just one, see if you can find another one. You may find one that even she didn’t know. If you know your partner has more than one spot, then see if you can stimulate both at the same time whether it be with your touch or your mouth.

              Another way that I’ve broken out of my sexual shell is by trying new positions that I would be nervous to try in the past. I’m talking about very aggressive positions for the male. The best way to do this is by asking your female friends what their favorite positions are. Or ask them what wild position that they’ve liked in the past was or what’s one position they haven’t done in a while. These are great questions to ask a female friend of yours especially if you trust them and you have a good relationship with them. I would refrain from asking your male friends what they think their partners have liked. Why? Because there is too much room for error. In other words, they may think their partner liked one thing, but actually didn’t and woman just made it seem like she liked it. Or she was only going along with the position because she thought it would make him more excited. For these reasons, stick with asking your female friends. Or if you are a woman, ask you guy friends. There are two positions recently that I’ve gotten some great feedback on and that I will share. The first involves the woman laying on her back with her head drooped off the end of the bed. While in the position, she is performing oral sex on the guy who is standing (or kneeling depending on the height of the bed) besides the bed. Whilst receiving oral sex, the guy should be touching the woman’s body and fingering her to her liking. I got the position suggestion from one of my female friends and another one confirmed it. This was the position I was originally nervous to try since it may seem pretty aggressive. However, I’m glad I tried it because I got some very positive feedback from several girls. Although not every girl will like what every other girl likes. For example, there was one girl who was not a fan of this position. That’s fine. Don’t force your partner into doing something she doesn’t want to do and simply move on. The second position that I’ll share involves a puffy pillow or two flatter pillows. This position is more common and involves the woman on her back, but under her lower back is the pillow to elevate her hips. While on his knees and sitting almost up, the guy penetrates the woman. This provides an angle for the man to penetrate almost up on the woman to stimulate her g spot. To do so, think of it as if you are aiming to penetrate just below the waistline from inside her. This is a common position that I’ve seen be tossed around here and there. But there are ways to fine tune it as I previously showed how. Start off slow and gauge how sensitive this position is to your partner. I’ve been with woman who like it harder and can take it faster, and I’ve also been with woman where this position is slightly overwhelming and sensitive and requires a much gentler tempo. These are just two positions that I’ve been recently experimenting with. But remember, the only way to learn new things to try in the bedroom is by asking your female friends and even asking your partner what she likes. Don’t be afraid to have a post sex conversation about what you both enjoyed and should do more of and what could’ve been perhaps skipped.

               One other trick that I’ve recently been experimenting with is temperature. Using ice in the bedroom is a hot way to spice things up. There are a couple ways to use ice. The easy way would be to slowly move it over her body and over her spots. The nipples are good place to start with. I’ve also found the stomach and the sides of her body are also really responsive places. Try just below the armpit and down her sides. Inner thighs seem to work well too. The more advanced part of this is to have the ice cube in your mouth while you go over her body. The temperature difference between hot and cold is a sensation that is hard to explain. But if you try it then you will know what I mean. With the ice cube in your mouth, try going over her spots again, and try going down on your partner. Remember to listen to her and her body. If she isn’t going for it then just move on. However, going down on a woman with an ice cube in your mouth may be an experience that she’s never had before and could be quite memorable to her. It’s important to note that the ice cube needs to be slippery or slightly melted. An ice cube that is too cold and dry could be uncomfortable, but if it’s in your mouth then you shouldn’t need to worry about this issue.

              There are plenty of ways to make things more interested when it comes to sex. Great sex is amazing. And boring sex is forgettable. Be someone who tries new things, and your partner will thank you for it. Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never done before. It’s easy to get into a routine and go through the motions. This is boring sex. Switch things up. It’s ok to even tell your partner what you’ve been thinking of trying to gauge her interest in it as well. Try it out and if you don’t get positive feedback then try something else. Great sex is awesome, and no one should be missing out on it.

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