A Much Needed Reminder

              As many of us work from home staring at our computers all day, it’s good to remind ourselves of what’s outside. Maybe you’re not a winter person. Or maybe you don’t have enough daylight outside to enjoy going out after work. But now is the time where going outside is getting easier. It’s early March and the weather is getting better for outdoor activities. The days are getting longer, the sun is getting higher in the sky, and Covid has optimal hope for a cure.

              This is a reminder to get outside while the weather is increasingly getting nicer and nicer. It’s been a long winter and sometimes we need a little reminder of what the great outdoors does for us. Being cooped up inside all winter and staring at our computer screens is not what we humans are meant to be doing. We humans are meant to be explorers. We’re meant to wander around outside. We’re meant to be under the sun, facing all the elements. This is a reminder to get outside. Our health depends on it.

              It’s no secret that getting outside is good for us. It’s good for us from a physical aspect, and great for us from a mental aspect. Sometimes when we’re in a rut, all we need is a nature walk to clear our heads. The simple act of walking outside can work wonders. Our heads become less cluttered and more focused on what really matters. When inside and out of touch with nature, our senses get thrown off. Our senses become less aware because there is so much stimuli thrown our way. Between our work, the phones, the TV screens, this is all a lot of stimuli entering our heads. In fact, it’s so much that we eventually learn to tune it all out. Our brains become so overwhelmed with all the information entering our brain that we shut it out. Being outside there are no screens to infiltrate our brains. All the stimuli you see outside is natural. It is not overbearing ourselves. In fact, our senses become more aware because of this. Because our brains recognize that we’re outside and that we need all our sensing capabilities to take in the beauty the outdoors gives us.

              This is a friendly reminder to get outside. The weather is getting nicer, days getting longer, and Covid relief is more optimistic now than ever before. Get outside and remind yourself of what nature has to offer you. You’ll feel better and be glad you did it.

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