Vacation Can Be So Motivating

              I just got back from vacation with my girlfriend and her family. It was a great time of course. The weather was fantastic, the people were friendly, and the conversations were everlasting. We had a great time for the short period we were there. But one takeaway I always walk away from vacation with is the feeling of motivation.

              I can only guess why this is. So I’ll give it a shot. Most time on vacation, you see everyone’s best self. You see them smiling and having a good time. You get to see them with their hair down. Where they look back on the hard work they put into getting that vacation. Vacation is a time of reflection for some people. It’s a break from the rat race and the stresses of life. And quite often you hear about these trials and tribulations while you’re on vacation. Quite often you hear how hard people worked recently and how much they deserved some time off. Quite often people tell you about all the successes they’ve had. This is why this vacation in particular was so motivating for me.

              Being around success and money makes me want to get to that life. And the best way for me to get to that lifestyle is to work hard. I’m not talking about the lifestyle of material things. That’s been proven in the past that material things have a minor impact on me. What I’m talking about is being successful. And getting the recognition from your friends and family. Now, of course you should work to impress yourself rather than trying to impress others. But we’re only human and I would be lying to say we never get jealous. I’ve found this jealousy to be a good motivator in some cases and has pushed me in the past. Although I’m not a fan of jealousy in general, I believe if used properly, it can be great motivation fuel.

              I want to work hard for my future self. I want to provide for my future family. I want my girlfriend to be proud of who she is with. I want to make her happy. I want her to be overjoyed with her choice to be with me. I’m only human and I’d be lying if I said these weren’t real human emotions.

              So here I am. I’m back home with work on my plate. There’s some things that I’ve been putting off that are getting more focus. There’s other things that are difficult, but I know I should do them so they are being reprioritized. Isn’t this the point of vacation? To reflect. Maybe I didn’t do it intentionally, but subconsciously I seemed to be at work. Subconsciously, I seemed to find another gear I could go in when I get back home and back to work.

              So here’s to vacation. Many times people cheers to their hard work and successes. But not me. Right now I’m cheersing to vacation. Because I want to get back there. Because vacation showed me I have more of myself to give. And because vacation has motivated me to be a better person than yesterday. Cheers to vacation.

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