You are The Average of the Five People You Spend The Most Time With


You may be aware of this saying. In others words, choose your friends wisely. Choose who you work with wisely. Choose who you look up to wisely. Choose who you learn from wisely. Whoever you may be spending a good amount of your time with, choose wisely. Why? Because like the saying goes, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Now, is it exactly five people? No. But it is in that ball park. How many people do we really spend a lot of time with? This number could be five, or it could be ten, or it could be three. What really matters is that those closest to you support your goals and make you a better person.

Choosing your friends wisely can be tough. Do we really have control over who is our friend and who isn’t? In some ways, it’s…

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