Top 5 Blogs of 2020

              As many people do when the New Year comes, we are doing a review of what worked and what didn’t work in 2020. For this blog, we are going to list out the Top 5 Blogs of the year and rank them in order for you.

              First off, it was a great year for blogs. We had 208 blog posts for the year! That’s a lot of content. We increased our number of posts from the year prior by 35%. That’s huge!

              Lastly, we’d like to say thank you all. Thank you for reading, thank you for following, thank you for liking, and thank you for commenting. Every little bit you do helps keep this blog going and going to new heights. As always, we welcome any feedback or topics requests that you’d like to see covered. So, please leave comments or message me directly if you’d like.

              And finally, here are the Top 5 Blogs of 2020! Enjoy.

  1. “Sometimes you have to be a lion, to be the lamb you really are.”
  2. The Quarantine Times 24 – Success Stems From Struggle
  3. The Three Pillars of Body Transformation and Overall Health
  4. Are Hill Sprints the Best Exercise For You?
  5. “A Cup of Tea would Restore my Normality”
  6. BONUS: How to Optimize Your Creativity

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