“A Cup of Tea would Restore my Normality”


There is no hiding my passion for tea. I drink it practically every day and love the effects it has on my mind, body, and soul. My tea consumption can be grouped into three categories: morning tea, casual tea, and bedtime tea. I tend to incorporate at least one of the categories into my daily practices.

Upon waking up, we all need a little pick me up. Some go to coffee for their energy fix. For me, that’s a little too much jittery energy. I prefer a more subtle and calming energy to put my mind into the right work conviction. That’s why I always gravitate towards green tea in the mornings. About an hour after waking up, I’ll make myself a cup of green tea and start writing. I found that the green tea gives me the boost I want without the agitations of coffee. For this reason, I’m…

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