How Writing Can Change Your Life

              There’s so many beautiful things about writing. It’s empowering. It’s challenging. It’s inspiring. It’s creative. The list goes on and on. There are endless benefits from sitting down every day and simply writing. It’s a beautiful thing to get your ideas down on paper. It’s as if putting your ideas in the physical form, like writing, allows you to organize, question, and expand on whatever your subject is. It gives you perspective and lets you build on your ideas.

              Doing this simple act of writing every day can do wonders for your brain. The brain needs to be scrubbed every once in a while. And writing is a way that we can clean, organize, and exercise our brain all at the same time. It’s a very simple thing to write every day. However, just because it’s simple does not make it easy. Which brings me to my next point.

              Writing is difficult. There’s no other way to say it. Writing is extremely hard. The only way to understand your thoughts and your voice is to write. No one really teaches you how to write. Sure, teachers and professors can give you some basic pointers like grammar and structure. But only you can find your own voice. Through lots of trial and error, you will find your voice. Sitting down and writing every day is tough to do. The first draft is usually a glob of creative nonsense. Then over time and edits, the words are perfected and the flow is mastered. Being able to really think about what your thoughts are in this way is only accomplished through writing.

              I recommend everyone to write. Even if they have no interest in publishing their work or having anyone else see it, everyone should write. The benefits are too vast not to do it. Especially with such a simple act. Make a goal to write every single day of the week. Pick a time slot that is appropriate for yourself. If you are used to writing, try to pick an hour. The goal here is to do one hour. Just a heads up. An hour is a long time. It’s difficult to write for an hour. That takes a lot of creative energy and focus. To do so. For more of a beginner, try writing for 20 minutes. Or even 10 minutes if you find that troubling. The point here is to set a goal so you can strive to hit it every day. Once you build your skill over time, then you can expand your goal time. But you should always have a goal. Treat it like a workout. Because it basically is a workout. For you mind. When anyone exercises, they usually have a list of things they need to get done within a certain time limit. Usually that time limit is around 45 minutes to an hour. That’s exactly how writing should be done. The goal is to get to an hour of just writing with nothing else going on so you can give it your full attention. Just like a workout.

              When you sit down to write, put away any and all distractions. Writer’s block is a very real thing. And that’s where this next point comes into play. For the timeslot you give yourself, whether it’s for 20 minutes or 45 or an hour, don’t allow yourself to do anything but write. You don’t have to write. But you can’t do anything else for that time limit. So in the timeslot you give yourself, the only thing you are allowed to do is write. But you don’t have to if nothing comes to mind. If that’s the case, just sit there until something does come to mind. You’ll find out in boredom, your mind starts to churn and go off and create on its own. Some of my best writing ideas have come from staring out the window in boredom. Sooner or later, the ideas will come. So you want to be in front of your computer or pen and pad when then do come.

              Writing is a very difficult thing to master. It’s important not to focus on your outcome, but rather the process of writing every day. This is the only way to get better. Besides becoming a better writer, there are countless other benefits that come along with writing daily. It will become like a workout for your brain. It also allows you to thoroughly think through and expand on ideas you have. It’s an all-in-one perfect exercise for your mind and spirit. Not many other things can be said for that. Sit down and write. Make this is a daily habit and your brain will thank you.

4 thoughts on “How Writing Can Change Your Life

  1. I’ve been making this a habit of mine lately and can say it’s done wonders to my mind. I feel more creative and doing so first thing in the morning helps me have a great start to my day. Great work!

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