Importance of Giving Back

              I’m sure we are all aware of the importance of giving back. However, it’s easier said than done. I’m not talking about throwing money to a charity. Anyone can do that. I’m talking about donating your time and effort. This weekend, I was a part of a coat drive for inner city kids. I helped set up shop outside and hand out coats, hats, and gloves to kids in need. It was a huge success and we handed out a lot of coats.

              As much as I wished it would be over with, there is something significant about giving up your time to help others. It’s not always easy. But taking one morning or afternoon out of you days is very possible. However painful it is, endure it. Because there are people in a lot worse shape than you. In our instance, it was cold and very windy. It wasn’t easy being outside all that time. But we endured it. Even if we wanted it to end, we knew what we were doing was good and it had to be done. The coat drive was bigger than us. It was bigger than our empty complaints about the cold or wind. It was about giving back to the community. And that’s what we did.

              Wherever you are in life, you always have something to give to others. Sometimes it’s money. But other times something more valuable can be done. Giving up your time and effort is more valuable to you and for others. This is more valuable to the world. It allows you to help others in need while giving yourself some perspective on life. You get a feeling of being appreciative of what you have.

              Coming up on the holiday season, this time is about being thankful now more than ever. I encourage everyone to try and donate something. Preferably time and effort. But if that’s not possible, than money will also do. Give yourself a boost through helping others. It may not be easy in the moment, but it is a very rewarding feeling and it may change your outlook on life for the better. Get out there and give back!

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