Why Your 20s Is The Best Time To Start A Business

              I’ve put a lot of thought into this and I can’t convince myself otherwise. Your 20s is by far the best time to start a business. And I’ll tell you why.

              For most of us, the best time to start a business is during our 20s. When we enter the workforce, we most likely take a job that we can just bear enough. I mean there’s a good chance that our first job out of college or even our second job is not our dream job. Right? But there’s also a good chance that we don’t exactly hate our job either. We bear with it because our expectations are somewhat low when we start off and the pay is good.

              A lot of times, especially when you’re low on the totem pole like when starting out, you will have plenty of ups and downs. Work seems to come in waves. Some weeks you may be extremely busy. Others weeks, not so much. And this can also be true on a day to day basis as well. The amount of work we have to get done fluctuates. More so in the beginning of our careers than later on once more responsibility is required from us. During our 20s is the best example of when responsibility is low and when the workflow fluctuates. For this reason, this is the best time to start a business.

              Now I don’t mean quit and start your own business. However, it is the perfect time to start a side hustle. Since during our 20s we are early in our career, chances are we aren’t working for our dream company and doing our dream work. Using the low points when workflow is slow, you can start your own side hustle. Use this side hustle as an outlet to do what you’re really passionate about. You will have the safety of collecting a paycheck to live off and pay off any debts, while you start a passion project on the side without any risk.

              If you are in your 20s and you already have your dream job, then congrats. Give it your all. No need to start something on the side if you already do what you love. But for a lot of us in our 20s, we are looking for some creative outlet that we can put our passionate energy towards. Now some people will have more time for themselves and others will have less time for themselves. The balance of how much attention you give your side hustle is ultimately up to you. But remember, your priority should be your day job. Since you are getting paid a pretty penny, you should keep your bosses happy first. Down the line if your side hustle turns into a profit machine, then it will be time to consider quitting and giving your side hustle a full time chance. But while you’re in your 20s, you will likely have some time before that’s even an idea.

              I’m all for entrepreneurship, which is why I’m passionate about advising people in their 20s to start a side business. Another reason they should consider doing this is that those who are in their 20s have the most grasp on culture. They live in two worlds. They see the older generations who they work with and they know how they work. And they also see the younger generation and know how they work. For this reason, you have the best perspective on what’s cool and what’s not. You know how to market to different audiences because you essentially live in both worlds at times. You should have a grasp on reality better than anyone else. The older people won’t know how younger people work or the new technologies and ideas that resonate with them. And the younger people won’t know how older people work or how they solve problems or what experiences they’ve had. You in your 20s are right smack dab in the middle. You get the best of both worlds and that’s why you should start a business. You know what the older people like and the younger people like.

              During your 20s while you are either starting off in your career or thriving in your career, you are learning valuable skills at a fast pace. Just through working, you are learning new skills to problem solve and how to use various software and how to communicate effectively to get your point across. Why not take some of these skills and see if they transfer to a side hustle you’re passionate about?

              Your 20s are the best time to start a side business and I have no doubt that is the truth. For one, you can have a creative outlet for your real passion. You most likely have enough time at work or even after work to put time and effort into something you truly care about. Having less responsibility at work can have its perks. Take advantage of the slow times at work, like during your 20s, and take on a side hustle. It may even turn into a side business. And who knows where it will lead after that? Remember not to forget about your day job which is paying the bills. But I strongly suggest anyone in their 20s to make an effort at a side hustle while they have the time.

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