Keep On Creating! No Matter What.

              It’s crucial that we keep on creating in our lives. Here me out. Whether we have a 9-5 day job, or own our own business, or have a side hustle, or have hobbies, it’s critical that we keep creating as much as we can. Why? Because creativity is what gives us our self-worth.

              Anyone can take orders like a monkey and complete a tasks delegated to them by some higher-up. That’s nothing special. No matter how hard you work by taking orders, there is little pride that comes with that. True self-worth is gained through creative outlets. Now take that same worker for example who is taking orders from his boss to complete his daily tasks. If that same worker noticed certain problems with the process he uses and comes up with a better way to make that process better, that involves creativity. That also is much more meaningful than just doing exactly what you’re told to do. No one asked him to come up with a better solution. That’s what the manager’s job is for. But if this day worker could come up with a creative solution to an existing problem, then that worker will think more highly of himself and as will his superiors.

              There is always room to be more creative in our lives. It mostly takes just a little added attention and focus. Not much, though. But it can be tricky to sustain a level of creativity over long periods of time. It’s like training for a marathon in a way. Some people are better runners than others. That doesn’t mean those who aren’t good runners can’t learn and train to be better runners. All it takes is a little daily training. It doesn’t even take much time. A simple practice like writing down your thoughts, or writing down potential business ideas, or even artistic work like drawing or painting will give your creativity a boost.

              Whatever you do with your life, never stop creating. It can be difficult because there will always be times where you won’t want to do the work. But every time you push through that resistance, you will get a little stronger mentally. It’s important to create even when you don’t feel like doing it. In fact, those are the times when it’s the most important to create. It may not feel like it at the time, but doing so builds your creative muscle immensely. So much so, that even when you aren’t creating your mind will be creative because that’s becoming the nature of your mind. Some of your best ideas will come not when trying to be creative, but as a result of working on the creative muscle daily. Allow me to explain. No one is going to write a master piece every day. But if you give yourself up to do at least one creative piece of work every day, your mind will start thinking that way even when you aren’t asking it to. No one can predict when a good idea is going to come to them. That’s why it’s important to give yourself up as often as possible to be in a state to receive that idea and expand on it. That’s why a simple daily creative practice is so important.

              Keep on creating. It may not feel like you are making much progress, but you are! You just don’t know it. The more you create, the more self-worth you will have for yourself. Furthermore, the more opportunities you will give yourself to catch those best ideas. This only comes when you do the work. Pump out as much creative work you can in this life. Your mental health will thank you. Your friends, family, and bosses will thank you. And your bank account may even thank you as well. Create. Create. Create. Not for the sake of what you are creating, but because this is who you are. Creative people tend to be much happier people. Create, and see for yourself.

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