The Three Pillars of Body Transformation and Overall Health


I’ve written a number of weight loss, diet, and exercise plans for family and friends. In fact, they’re all fairly similar. They just have to be tweaked slightly to the user’s specifications to fit them properly. But the most important thing is that the system works. Finding a system that works is one of the most difficult things for trainers to do. Like all things, you have your principles that can’t be compromised. These principles will be the same throughout different clients that ask for my help. No matter the goals of the client, these principles are consistent and work. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be principles.

Principles stay the same. The minor tweaks to the system account for tailoring to the user’s goals. The three pillars of any body transformation are nutrition, weightlifting, and cardio. If you want to take your physical well-being seriously then these three principles must be part…

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