The Power of Reigniting a Childhood Hobby

              Recently I was reminded of a childhood hobby that gave me so much joy back when I was younger. A friend knew of my former interest in this hobby and invited me along with him. This hobby I’m talking about is basketball. Although it was a little more than a hobby for me. I played practically my entire childhood and throughout college. I put so much blood, sweat, and tears into practicing. I spent hours at the gym with many late nights and early mornings. And it’s a bit of a shame that after college, I have barely given it much attention.

              Perhaps college was the reason I lost interest in it. You see, in college basketball, basketball is your life. The amount of brain power and physical energy you are required to put into it can make some people sick of it. And that’s a little what happened to me. I wasn’t necessarily sick of it, but I was ready to take a break from it for sure.

              Fast forward to today, it’s been about a year since I last picked up a basketball. And it was probably a year before that when I picked up a ball before that. Fortunate for me, the knowledge doesn’t leave your brain. I spent so many hours in the gym and analyzing myself and my opponents that the wisdom doesn’t just go away. Unfortunately, the physical part does fade away and it does so rather quickly. Whether it’s the basketball shape needed to play, or shooting form, or ball handling skills, it’s often that these skills need a lot of work to get them even close to what they once were.

              I was a shooter throughout my basketball career. That was my bread and butter. So lucky for me that’s still pretty easy to get back. The form is a bit rusty, but I know what I have to do and how it should feel. That’s the hardest part to learn for most people. Once you know what it should feel like and what it takes to make a shot, then it just takes repetitions after that. And since I was such a good shooter, it takes less repetitions than you might think. The other skill that fades quickly is ball handling. This was never my strong suite. And that is often the first skill that fades away and is the most difficult to get back. The reason being is that ball handling is such a delicate and tricky skill to conquer. Ball handling is dependent on how good you are with the ball and how you read and react to the defense. Anyone can learn the basics and a few moves but to be a top tier ball handler, you really have to have been gifted with a natural feel for the game.

              The point I’m trying to make here is to give your old hobbies a try once in a while. Especially if they were a big part of your life like basketball was to me. Chances are it will give you confidence because it was once a hobby you most likely spent a lot of time doing and getting good at. So if you ever need a little pick me up, give your old hobbies a try. By having time away from them, you most likely forgot how much happiness they gave you. Getting back into them can show you that happiness again. Even if it’s for brief time, you’ll be reminded of your childhood state of mind. This joy can be used towards so many other things going on in your life, too. Maybe you’re in a rut. Or maybe you’re just bored and looking for something interesting. Why not reintroduce those hobbies that you once knew so well?

              Give your old hobbies a try. You’ll be impressed how good they’ll make you feel especially if you’ve been away from them for a long time. All these old feelings will come back and you may enjoy it even more now that you’re in a different place in your life.

              What are some of your old hobbies that you would like to try again?

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