Getting the Most Out of Your Meditation


What does
it mean to meditate? Mediation can be different for everyone. For some, it
means going on a walk. For others, it may be sitting in a dark and quiet room
while repeating a mantra over and over again. Although mediation can come in
different forms, there is a central technique that is used in EVERY mediation
practice. That common denominator is the focusing on the breath. I’m not going
to write about all the benefits to your mental health as well as physical
health that comes from a consistent mediation routine since articles like that
are everywhere and I’m pretty sure if you clicked on this, you have some sort
of idea what the benefits are. Instead, I want to walk you through why you
should mediate on a daily or weekly basis, my experiences with mediation, and
the techniques that worked and not worked on me.


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