Best Time of Day to Meditate

              There is no debate whether or not meditation has positive effects on the mind, body, and spirit. The countless benefits we get from meditation help us throughout our day and throughout stressful times. I enjoy meditating on my problems, big or small, and it helps me become more creative during a time of peace and quiet in the mind.

              If you are new to meditation, you may not have realized yet that there are better times to meditate than others. Meditating at certain times is recommended for a number of reasons. There are certain times in the day where your brain is most active and times where your brain is not so sharp. We want to get the most out of our meditation so we want our mind to be fully involved in the process. Otherwise, we may be just taking a nap with little benefit.

              To maximize our meditation practices, we want to mediate at the most ideal times. These times could be different for everyone. It really depends on someone’s specific schedule. As a good rule of thumb, it’s best not to mediate after eating. We tend to get lazy and lethargic after big meals. Closing our eyes during a time like that will only lead to more sleepiness and perhaps even a nap. And that’s find if that’s what you want. But it won’t be much help if you are trying to progress with your meditation. Instead, the best time to meditate is right before a meal or on an empty stomach. While on an empty stomach, our mind tends to be more active because it’s starting to look for food and energy. If you’ve ever experimented with fasting, then you’ll know your brain becomes more active when in a starved state. This is because your mind starts to slowly shift towards survival mode. And in survival mode, your brain really comes to life and gets extra sharp so we can find our food to live. This is simply biology. And we want to use this active minded state to get the most out of our mediation.

              For those who are familiar with TM, or transcendental meditation, they know that you are supposed to meditate twice a day. First when you wake up and second at noon right before lunch. Both of these times are on an empty stomach and it is this way for the reason I talked about above.

              Another tip for beginner meditation is to sit down and not lay down. Laying down will only tell our minds that it’s time for sleep. So stay off the bed. Instead, go for a comfy chair or on a pillow on the ground. You want to have good posture throughout the meditation and not slouch. These tips will keep your mind sharp during the meditation.

              Not everyone knows that sometimes are better to meditate than others. I hope these tips help anyone who may be at a standstill with their meditation and looking to take it to the next step.

              What are some of your tips for better meditation?

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