“A Cup of Tea would Restore my Normality”

              There is no hiding my passion for tea. I drink it practically every day and love the effects it has on my mind, body, and soul. My tea consumption can be grouped into three categories: morning tea, casual tea, and bedtime tea. I tend to incorporate at least one of the categories into my daily practices.

              Upon waking up, we all need a little pick me up. Some go to coffee for their energy fix. For me, that’s a little too much jittery energy. I prefer a more subtle and calming energy to put my mind into the right work conviction. That’s why I always gravitate towards green tea in the mornings. About an hour after waking up, I’ll make myself a cup of green tea and start writing. I found that the green tea gives me the boost I want without the agitations of coffee. For this reason, I’m able to think more freely and creatively due to my relaxed state. I do drink coffee, but in severe moderation. I drink coffee “as needed”. This means once or maybe twice a week, but twice is rare. I use it more as a weekly treat as opposed to a daily fixation.

              In my afternoons, I’m looking for a different effect from my tea. White tea is a gentle and super nutritious drink to have in the afternoons. Especially if your body is sensitive to caffeine, flavored white tea is a perfect drink to have on a cool day. Too much caffeine in the afternoon and I have trouble sleeping. That’s why I turn to my white tea if I need something to sip on. The simple act of drinking something while I work is energizing. It doesn’t necessarily even have to contain caffeine. I treat this afternoon daily tea practice “as needed” too. It’s not every afternoon, but it’s almost every afternoon. Flavored white tea like pomegranate, mint, or lemon ginger are perfect to warm up to while you work.

              Now it comes to my evenings and there is only one tea that is perfect for this daily occasion. Chamomile is one of my favorite teas to drink because it is the perfect concoction to settle down for the night. It is very relaxing and helps me get a better night’s sleep every time. I drink a cup of chamomile an hour or so before turning in for the night. Chamomile is an herbal tea which means there is no caffeine in it. The calming effect that comes from chamomile makes it ideal for a bedtime ritual. That’s why I drink it almost every night. It takes the stress away from a hard day’s work and puts my mind and body at ease. I love the effects it has on my sleep too.

              There you have it. That’s my tea consumption for you. I know it looks like a lot of tea, but that’s the beauty of tea. It’s so good for you and versatile and has incredible long term health benefits like longevity, healthy weight control, and cognitive sustainability. These teas are a huge part of my daily and weekly practices and have helped me with work, mindfulness, and recovery.

              What types of teas do you like?

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