Coffee or Tea? Let’s end this debate

              To each its own. But which is actually better? The hardcore coffee drinkers won’t let you breath if you bring this debate to their doorstep. On the other hand the passionate tea drinkers will “zen” you to death if you don’t agree with them. For me, I consider the positives from both sides of the argument. I drink both so I like to think I’d be an appropriate unbiased third party. I’m here to settle the debate once and for all so be sure to read to the end to see my final judgement.

              First up is coffee. Where would so many of us be without it? For most of us, it’s the first thought in our minds when we wake up. God forbid we can’t get to it. Because if that were the case, I don’t know how the coffee addict would get through the day, or perhaps even the morning. I love a good cup of coffee as much as the next person. However, I have a much different approach to it.

              I drink coffee “when needed”. For most coffee drinkers, they need their caffeine fix no matter what. And I don’t know if that is ideal. I hate the idea of becoming dependent on something. Especially if that something is a fuel source to get work done. I want to be able summon my productivity from within. Not from a cup of black dark roast. That’s why I specify “when needed”. Because sure, there are times when even I need a fire under my butt to crank out some extra miles at my desk. That’s when I go to the coffee. When I know I’ll need a big day out of myself. I also drink it as a reward. There’s no denying the high that a cup of coffee brings me. The joy and energetic surge is just lovely. So I also use it to reward myself. Perhaps if I had a good week of work, I’ll reward myself a cup after lunch on Friday. This way I’ll be able to enjoy the last hours of the workweek even more. Also as a bonus, I’d be able to have a little more energy whether I’m going out with friends that night or spending that time with my girlfriend. That being said, when needed is the best approach. When it’s all said and done, that comes out to about once or twice a week. But closer to once. This way I keep my tolerance low and keep the coffee high after just one cup. I also stay away from getting dependent so I avoid any headaches or other withdrawal symptoms.

              Next up is tea. Ok I lied when I said I was unbiased. In reality, I love tea. I love the effect it has, I love the health benefits, I love the psychological effect of it, and I love the versatility of it. I’m not going to harp on long about the health benefits of tea. But before I don’t do that, I will say tea (especially green tea) is shown to be super healthy for you and can decrease pre-cancerous free radical cells and also ensure a longer life expectancy. But I promise I won’t go on with the health stuff because I could go on for days. The true nature of my love for tea is the psychological effect it has on me. As coffee gives me an aggressive kick in the rear to get energy into me, tea is slow and relaxing energy consumption method. When you’re drinking tea, it’s nearly impossible to be angry. I wish I could say the same about coffee. In all seriousness, a cup of green tea has, at max, the caffeine content of about half a cup of coffee. But that’s the max. In most cases it’s far less. So I still get some caffeine from tea. It still is a little pick me up. And that’s all I really need and want out of my morning ritual. I don’t always want the iron fist of coffee to bring me to a productive state. Most of the time I just want a relaxing beverage that keeps me in a relaxed state while also providing a small energy boost. I find it much easier to be creative and to find enjoyment in my work, which is something we all could use more of. It also doesn’t hurt that I feel like I’m doing my body good with all the benefits from tea.

              How do I drink tea? I drink a cup of green tea practically every work morning. But that’s not where my tea consumption stops. I mentioned earlier that part of the beauty of tea was its versatility. Tea is not a one trick pony of healthy energy. No. It is also widely used as a way to unwind before bed. Herbal tea (no caffeine content) like chamomile is one of my absolute favorites to have before bedtime. It helps you fall asleep faster, promotes deeper sleep, and puts your mind and body in a perfectly relaxed state when you’re settling in for the night. That’s why I drink a cup of chamomile tea in the evenings about 3 or 4 nights a week.

              To sum up all of the findings, coffee is great but do so when needed. Don’t turn to it if you don’t have to. Green tea is also great and provides a more relaxed approach to energy while introducing countless long term health benefits. So what’s better? Well they both win. It’s all a matter of how it’s used. Coffee can be take advantage of just like tea can be taken advantage of. Too much of either is not good for you and you should never become dependent on it. If the withdrawal symptoms of either are too extreme, then that may be a sign to ease back slowly.

              Drink in moderation and enjoy your mornings and evenings with whatever you like to turn to. What drink do you prefer? Coffee or tea?

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