How to Quiet Your Mind for Creativity


It’s pretty common to wish for more creative ideas. It may seem like some people are just gifted with creativity and others are not. Although some people are born with a higher degree of creativity, everyone possesses the gift of creativity. It’s just a matter of how to harness it. This is where some people struggle. It’s not necessarily because they are not having creative ideas, rather it’s because they are not giving their minds the right environment and fuel to be creative. Unknowingly, those people aren’t giving their brains a chance to be creative.

Creativity is a skill like everything else. Like a muscle, you can build up creativity over time with persistent practice. However on the flip side, if you don’t use this muscle it will atrophy. For many of those who struggle with creativity, it’s not that they aren’t creative. Rather it’s the creativity muscle has atrophied…

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