Hitting the Reset Button

              Last weekend, I was so grossed out over the amount of screen time I spent on my phone. I felt myself scrolling without a purpose. And when this happens, that means it’s time to hit the reset button.

              I hate scrolling on my phone without a purpose. Social media is made to do this. Some of the smartest people in the world work for these companies whose job it is to figure out how to make you keep scrolling. And sometimes it gets too much.

              Whenever this happens, I feel the urge to take a step back and reassess my priorities. The best thing to do in times like these is to walk away from it for a bit. And that’s exactly what I did. I went for a long walk without my phone, or any devices for that matter. I needed to show my brain that there is more out there than just my phone. And that’s important to do when the scrolling becomes a hassle. It’s not always easy to do because the phone will play tricks on you. It will keep feeding you images and videos that it knows will stimulate your head, but really you are just endlessly scrolling with no end. That’s why a reset is important. Getting away from your phone and computer is the best thing you can do for your head in a lot of cases. For me, I recognize the importance of being without these screens only after doing so. While I’m on the screens, it’s a little more difficult to see the advantages. But afterwards, I’m always glad I got away.

              After hitting the reset button with a long walk in nature or around my neighborhood even, my mind comes back to neutral. I come back to my senses and my priorities seem to realign all by themselves. I get a clear head and able to make a game plan of how I want to attack the challenges in my life at that moment. For this weekend in particular, I made up a plan to stop the scrolling without a purpose. If I find myself looking at something online without an objective, then I must stop scrolling before the endless scrolling gets the best of me.

              We all need to hit the reset button from time to time. For me, I like to get away from distractions like screens and go on a nice long walk to think about the challenges in my life at that moment. In most cases, my mind becomes clearer and my priorities realign naturally. There are plenty of ways to hit the reset button. For some it’s reading, or working out, or a vacation. But whatever it is, make sure you do so when it’s necessary and save yourself from wasting precious time.

              What are ways that you like to hit the reset button?

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