Are Hill Sprints the Best Exercise For You?


People ask me all the time, “What’s the best exercise I can do for myself?” Well, that’s a very vague question. It doesn’t tell me what your goals are and it doesn’t tell me what you want to get out of your workout. So naturally I give them a vague response. My go-to exercise when in doubt of what to do is hill sprints. Hill sprints are the number one exercise in my book. No matter what your fitness goals are, hill sprints can be incorporated in any routine.

Hill sprints are ideal for endurance, strength training, and explosiveness. I’ve never came across another single exercise that checks all those boxes as effectively as hill sprints. They help lose weight, build up strength in your legs, and is highly effective in increasing endurance. That’s why hill sprints are the total package and usually my go to exercise for those not…

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