Proper Sleeping Positions for Back Pain

              Back problems are no fun. Especially when it comes to sleep. There have been many times where I wake up and I can’t fall back to sleep from being uncomfortable from my back pain. There are mornings where my lower back pain is such a burden that it feels like I go through an endless cycle of tosses and turns just to get comfortable.

              The position of your body when you sleep is directly related to your morning back pain. There are certain positions to stay away from if this is happening to you.

              First off, it’s important to note that the type of mattress also plays into effect when dealing with your back pain. The best type of mattress to buy if this is a problem in your life is to get a mattress on the firmer side. This will help keep your spine from sinking down and instead help it remain straight. It may take some time to get used to a firmer mattress if you are new to it. However, the switch is well worth it.

              Now as for body position while you sleep, there are some positions that cause back pain and some that help relieve back pain. The number one position to stay away from is sleeping on your stomach. Sometimes sleeping on your stomach may seem comfortable when you first go to sleep, but in the morning it’s not as fun. When you sleep on your stomach, you belly sinks into the mattress. Although it may feel comfortable at first, if you go the entire night in this position, you are putting stress on your back that entire time. And in the morning you will feel the results. Furthermore, the strain that sleeping on your stomach puts on your neck is also enough reason in itself to keep away. Sleeping on your stomach puts unnecessary stress on your neck as it is arched upwards to fit on the pillow. It is also cocked to one side, stretching a pulling the neck into positions it’s not meant to be in.

              Instead of sleeping on your stomach, try sleeping on your back or side. Optimally, your side is the best way to deal with back pain. Although, some people find relief from sleeping on the back too. Try both ways and see what works for you. Nevertheless, both positions keep your spine in a straight line which is ideal for back relief. This effect happens even more so when side sleeping. While sleeping on your side, your spine is in a straight line from your neck to your tail bone. Getting used to sleeping in this position will help you get rid of that morning back pain. Over time, you will start to get better night’s sleep because of it too. Since you will be more comfortable and with less pain, you will be able to sleep easier and deeper. This position also helps keep your neck align with the spine since there is no turning left or right. Everything is straight and that is the goal to pain-free sleep.

              If you have back or neck pain when you wake up, it may be a result of how you sleep. The position your body is in throughout the night plays a major role in how much pain you’re in the next morning. Going 6-8 hours in the same position can take its toll on the body if it’s not in the right position. So stay away from tempting positions like stomach sleeping and get used to sleeping on your back or side. This way you will sleep better at night and relieve any pains you may have come the mornings.

              Drop a comment below if you have any sleep recommendations for those with back pain.

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