Be the Butt of a Joke

              No one likes being the butt of a joke, right? Wrong! Being the butt of a joke can be fun. As long as you’re cool about it. This is one of my favorite techniques when it comes to making friends and winning over people in a social group. This really boils down to being comfortable with yourself and accepting your flaws. This is a lesson everyone can learn from and will only help you make more friends and be more enjoyable to be around.

              Everyone has their limits of how much someone can poke fun of them. And that’s great. I’m not telling anyone to be a pushover. Rather accept that you aren’t a perfect person and laugh at yourself. If you are able to laugh at yourself, then others will be able to also. Having people laugh at you isn’t the worst thing in the world. A lot of people feel uncomfortable with people laughing at them. And that’s because their ego is in the way. Letting go of your ego will make it easier for yourself and others to laugh about it.

              When people are laughing at you, take a moment before getting defensive and realize that a laugh is a laugh. The reason that they are laughing at you doesn’t matter. In other words, you are sparking a reaction out of someone whether it be intentional or nonintentional. Either way, that doesn’t matter. They are both fine. Whether they are laughing at you over something funny you did or one of your flaws, they are both a positive. A laugh is a laugh. A lot of people don’t like being the butt of a joke. But at least you are able to spark up a laugh.

              The trick to this technique is to own whatever they are laughing at. Set you ego aside for a second and allow them to laugh at you. It will make you more enjoyable to be around. It will also make people comfortable to be around you which is what making friends is all about. This technique is also very helpful amongst those being bullied. It helps unarm the bullies and build up your self-esteem. Be confident with yourself and know it doesn’t really matter what they’re laughing at, just as long as they’re laughing.

              Now, everyone has a line. If they are laughing at something that you are very self-conscious about, then this is a good time to own up to that chink in your armor. Let’s say there is something wrong with your body that you are ashamed of. Let’s say your chest is perhaps sunken a bit and someone points it out and starts to laugh. Others realize this and start to laugh as well. You can either get embarrassed or own up to it and laugh at it yourself. This will help you deal with your own self esteem issues as well. Instead of getting embarrassed, try going along with the joke. With a small smile and laugh, maybe mention that it helps make you more aerodynamic or something. The point here is not to make a logical and good joke. The point here is to portray to others your confidence in your own skin. And people like that. They like that a lot. They may even be envious of you since you’re able to cope with your flaws while they maybe cannot.

              A lot of times when people make fun of you like this, it comes from their own insecurity. Hold back on any backlash and take the joke one step further. It will not only ease any tension and make you feel better, but it will also probably help those around you realize what they said. This will make them think about what they really said and maybe second-guess it. Once they realize what they said and had time to think how out of line it was, they are less likely to repeat the offense.

              The point here is to be comfortable with your flaws and laugh at them yourself. This will help make more friends and help you become more confident being you. Don’t be ashamed to be the butt of a joke. If people are laughing then people are laughing. Don’t overthink about what they are laughing at. If people are laughing around you then that makes you more enjoyable to be around. Most people are good at heart and won’t mean anything mean-spirited anyways, so accept your flaws and have a good time with them. Own every part of yourself and show others you’re fun to be around.

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