How to Make a 48 Hour Fast Easy On Yourself

              I’ve done three separate 48 hour fasts in the past and currently planning on doing one this week in fact. I do them from time to time and really like the results. I use the fasts to cleanse my body when I think it has taken on enough junk. A 48 hour fast is optimal to restart my body and with numerous physical and mental health benefits as well.

              The benefits of fasting are as clear as day. For one, the feeling you get is energizing and your alertness and focus increase. As for the physical benefits, it’s great for cell longevity, cell repair, weight loss, and many more. It is even said to help starve cancer cells and pre-cancer cells. Furthermore, it shows results in reducing the chances of dementia later on in life. This all sounds great. For me, I use it as metabolic restart. I use it to lose a few pounds and cleanse my body of all the toxins our diets bring into our body.

              Fasting can be tough for lots of people, especially if it’s the first time. When doing my first 48 hour fast, I actually gave in on hour 40. I was so disappointed in myself. I couldn’t wait 8 more hours???

              Here are some tips to help anyone get started with their fasting:

  1. Drink lots of water
    1. This is important for a couple of reasons. For one it will decrease your hunger. Since it’s the only thing you’re allowed to put in your stomach, don’t be shy to drink up lots of it. The next reason is that your body actually requires more water than usual. Carbs act as little sponges for water. They help absorb water and keep you hydrated. Since you aren’t eating any carbs, you need more water to help yourself stay hydrated.
  2. Go on a walk
    1. When I get the urge to eat, it helps to go on at least a 10 minute walk. This helps me clear my head and reset the urges that I have for food. It helps take my mind of my hunger and makes it easier on me to continue.
  3. Just get past the first day
    1. The hardest part of a fast is the first 24 hours. After that, it gets much easier. So much so that you may be even considering going longer.
  4. Have an accountability partner
    1. Having someone fasting with you helps stay focused on the task at hand. When times are tough, it helps talking with your partner. This reminds yourself of the real reason you decided to fast in the first place. Remember that they decided to fast with you and is depending on you for guidance as well. So you won’t want to let them down.

Through fasting, you’ll notice that your body doesn’t need all the food it’s been told to eat. Three meals a day is really a joke. But for whatever reason, we accepted it as our social norm. Coming out of the fast, you’ll be astonished to realize how much food we actually need. It’s really not that much. Most of the time it’s not because we’re hungry, but rather because it’s habit and the act of just doing something.

I’ve seen and felt a lot of benefits of fasting and I’m looking forward to the one I have coming up this week. I hope you give fasting a try and realize the benefits for yourself as well.

If you have ever tried long fasts out and have tips for staying the course, feel free to leave a comment below.

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