Struggling to Find What To Sell?

              Like many “wantrepreneurs” trying to enter the ecommerce space, I find myself browsing products from supplier directories looking for the perfect product(s) to sell. I’ve been keeping my finger on the pulse of what’s hot in the industries I am interested in entering for about a year now. And I can tell you I really haven’t gotten that far. I know I want to sell something that I would use but the problem with that is that I’m a fairly minimalistic type of person. I rarely buy things for myself outside of groceries.

Almost all of my spending money goes towards rent or groceries. Hardly ever do I splurge on something that’s just for me and when I do it’s usually a one-off type of thing where I buy a random object I find online. I almost never buy anything because I want it. After analyzing my online purchases from the past few years, most of the things I’ve bought came from a need. For instance if something broke and I needed a new one. This makes it difficult for me to hone it on what products I like for myself to sell to others. I like the idea of selling a product that I really enjoy and agree with because the selling benefits seem obvious. For one, I get to market to customers just like myself which is easier to market to because I know what I like and look for.

I would rather not get tied up in building an ecommerce company around a random product that I would never use. To me, there’s no fun in that and that wouldn’t be fulfilling for myself. It would feel awkward trying to sell a product that I didn’t believe in. Unless the product was very clever and I could understand how it would clearly help people, I’d rather take a different approach.

With so much of my time browsing and researching products to sell online, maybe it’s time to shift my focus on me. What problems have I had that would benefit me? When I scroll through pages and pages of products to sell, 98% of them are the same I see day in and day out. They look like cheap products that are being sold by practically a hundred different ecommerce Wanna Be’s. There’s no more room for another one.

This is why it’s important to tweak an existing product. This way, I will be able to set myself apart from what is already out there. It would be more work. However if it works then it works.

The type of product I’m looking to sell has to have something to do with health. It has to promote health in one way or another. That could be fitness, cooking, healthy snacking, or even tea. Anything that has to do with health would be fine with me. Because even if I don’t sell much, I’ll be able to use the product for myself. Furthermore, if it is a failure then it will still be meaningful to me since I gave a try at something that’s close to me.

I’ve been on this product hunt for over a year now of what to sell for my ecommerce business. It’s been very difficult deciding on what to sell. A lot of the products online seem boring and not for me and I would rather not get into business with a product that doesn’t reflect a part of me. Perhaps instead of browsing online, I should take a break from that and analyze my own needs and problems. Maybe I’ll have more luck with that. It’s difficult finding what to sell. But, I think if I keep my focus on this then maybe something will come up that I like and would be happy to sell.

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