The Startup Urge

I need to start a business. Not because I need money or anything, but because I have to. I’m sick and tired of waiting and this urge isn’t going away. I need to start a business and I need to find a product to sell. The best approach for me is to find a product to sell that is centered around health and wellness in some way and is small and simple enough to ship and handle easily. I know this could sound like I’m asking for too much, but am I? What out there fits these criteria that I can take advantage of? What products are solving problems that are underrated? I’m not sure what it is just yet, but I need to get there.

              I have been thinking more and more about struggle lately and how I want to build something of myself. I know this ecommerce method is the best approach that will help me build a business. The product is not as easy to find as it may seem. There are tons of people like me looking to do the same thing with the same amount of ease that I’m also looking for. They are looking for products that don’t take much effort into selling. Ecommerce platforms are flooded with simple products that are very similar to each other that make it easy to start an ecommerce platform. But that doesn’t mean that they are successful. What separates the successful ones from the ones that come and go?

              The product matters. More importantly, the marketing matters as well. But let me explain the product side first. The product is what is solving the problem so that has to be solid. It has to be a little different from what is already on the market. I don’t mean just slap a new label on a good product, although that’s not necessarily a bad idea. However, there is much more potential to a product that even looks a little different. A slight redesign will make marketing easier and will even add perceived value for the customer, allowing the seller to bump up the price.

              The marketing is essential as well. Using the product to help with marketing is a win/win. As I just said, there are ways to make the marketing side easier on yourself. Picking a generic product will make marketing difficult because you have no competitive advantage. At that point it’s more about finding customers on your own which something I’d rather not do. I’d rather have the product and the online marketing pictures, videos, and content speak for itself. I want the customer to visually see that my product is better than the competition. That’s how you can make it easier on yourself.

              I need to start a business. This urge isn’t going away and every day that goes by I feel more guilty that I haven’t started one yet. Why not? It’s because I’m scared but I still don’t think that’s a good enough reason. I have the money so why not give it a try and get it out of my system?

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