If It Were Easy, What Would It Look Like?

              If it were easy, what would it look like? This is a powerful tactic to dissolve complexities around practically any problem being faced. This simple saying helps disengage all mental constraints that are thought to be associated with a new or old project. I use this saying in times of stress or whenever I start something new.

              It’s a simple yet powerful saying. It has helped me breakdown projects and problems to their simplest form and help make them more manageable and simpler. Many times, simple is better and that’s the sole purpose behind this saying. Simple is always better because the more moving parts with a project, the more things that can go wrong.

              Before you get worked up about something at work or even with your personal life, ask yourself this question. A lot of times it’ll help you find the answer. I use this on big problems and small problems almost every day.

              Here’s an example. Let’s say I want to start a business that I can work on outside of my normal full time job. If it were easy, what would it look like? Well first off, I would have to make it an eCommerce site. This would give me freedom to check up on it whenever I needed to. It would also help me be able to work and travel at the same time. All I would need is Wi-Fi and I’d be connected to my business. Now what would I sell? If it were easy, then I would pick a small to medium sized product that is easy to ship and store. The business would center on health or fitness so a product that solves a problem in either of those categories would work. Since I would be starting out, it’s probably best to pick a product that already has proven demand. In other words, re-brand an existing product. I could even take this further with marketing. I know my skills in marketing is a skill that I would want to outsource to more skilled people. As a result, I would outsource my photos, videos, and perhaps even website design to more capable people since my time and effort would be better spent on supply and shipments. This process would make it easy for me to upload photos or videos to the website or a social media account without the hassle of taking the photos and videos myself. The next skill that I would want to outsource is sales. Understand this, there is no way for me to completely outsource all of sales because as an entrepreneur that would backfire. An entrepreneur needs to be in touch with their sales and on the front line to understand customers’ needs and building relationships. However, there is no harm in doing more than that. Offering referral incentives will boost sales. This could be done either through a refer a friend program or reaching out to people individually like capable friends or influencers and coming up with terms like for one month as an associate, all profits from the sales they make personally will be split 50/50. This is a massive commission on their end and will push them to sell. They are likely to flood their social media with marketing material to push as much product as they can. Since the timeline is only a month, this is only short term and may help sales grow quickly. It will also get the word out about the product quickly and effectively long after the one month period is over.

              If easy, how would it look? I just broke down a complex side eCommerce business into a very manageable plan. But don’t stop there. This tactic can be used on anything big or small to simplify and increase the chance of success. I use it for small everyday tasks as well as big projects with work. Drop a comment below if you have ever used this saying to help you out in a stressful situation.

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