The Power of Music

              Have you ever been so into a new song that you just put it on replay and listen for hours? That’s been me all morning with a new song that I can’t stop listening to. Finding a new song that hits the right chords with you gives you energy and excitement whenever you come across that rare find. I’m not sure what causes this in our minds, but whatever is going on I wish it would happen more often. What I do know is that this song for whatever reason is triggering dopamine in my mind and I’m not sure why. Why do some songs hit us differently than other songs? It is just music which is basically just sounds when you think about it. So what’s going on?

              Music has always been a passion of mine. Especially in my younger days, I felt like whatever I was doing was boring unless I was listening to music. Doing homework? Listen to music. Mowing the lawn? Listen to music. Working out? Listen to music. Music became a huge part of my life and I took pride in that amongst my friends when I would show them new or great music.

              It wasn’t always one genre that I was interested in either. I don’t understand when someone only listens to one genre. That’s like saying they only eat one type of food. That gets so boring after a while. You need variety. You need to mix things up from time to time and get different flavors and perspectives and stories. That’s the beauty of music. It’s for everyone no matter what mood or interests you have. I remember I had a playlist that contained about 10 songs or so. This playlist consisted of oldies, rap, classic rock, and even opera. Yes, opera. For whatever reason, I was really into each of those songs at the time. I actually enjoy music from a genre that I typically don’t like. When that happens, it opens my eyes to what else is in that genre that I’m missing out on and sometimes leads me to more interesting music.

              The power and magic of music is beyond my understanding. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of it. It helps people deal with stressful situations whether it’s from a recent breakup or a long run. These situations always seem to be less burdening when accompanied by some solid music.

              Live music especially has made me see another side of music that I didn’t see before. It gave me an appreciation for what I was hearing and, more often than not, it made me more of a fan of whoever I was listening to. Sometimes I would go into a concert and not know who was performing. Then I’d walk out a big fan and listen to all of their music the following day. Whenever I would listen to music that I’ve heard perform live before, it would always remind me of that time I saw it performed live. This puts me in a very tranquil state of reminiscing and wonder. I love live music and try to see as much as possible. Even if I’ve never heard of the performing group before. I’ve become big fans of people who I’ve never seen live before and knowing anything about them.

              Music is a power thing. It helps us cope with struggles in our lives no matter how big or small. It is also relatable to practically everyone since it’s so broad in its sound and perspective. If you’ve never been into music or if you’ve only listened to a single type of music in the past, then I highly suggest you branch out of your comfort zone. Chances are you will find something new that you didn’t think you’d like before. Keep in mind, many of the music being made today was inspired by someone in the past. So, why not give it a listen to give it more meaning and perspective? If anyone has any recent bands or songs that they can’t stop listening to please share them below. I have a playlist of songs dedicated to songs that I couldn’t stop listening to when I first discovered them. And I’m always looking to expand that list.

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