How To Properly Transition Your Exercise Back To A Gym

              Gyms are opening up throughout the country which means many people will be flocking back to get their reps in. Summer is here and people are going to rush to get into their beach body shape for the remaining of the summer. There are certain things you’ll want to avoid that could help steer you clear of injury and make sure that you are maximizing your results as quickly as you can.

              When we all go back to the gym, we have to understand we haven’t been lifting heavy weights for the past 4-5 months since the pandemic started. For some, that may even be more. Even if you think you’ve kept in good shape throughout the pandemic, your body still needs a time to adjust before you start lifting the weights you were again.

              What should be your approach when returning to the gym? Well for one, do not go all out. Take it about 80%. Don’t go for max reps or push yourself beyond what you normally would do. This will make you extremely sore the next few days, making you not fit and less motivated to head back to the gym for the next lift days. Instead, take it about 80%. You will still definitely be sore the next day or so. But, your recovery won’t take as long since you didn’t exert yourself as much. As a result, you’ll be able to get back to the gym quicker for the next lift day.

              This ramp up process is important for going back to working out with heavy weights. Your body needs time to adjust. After about a week or two of 80% effort, then your body will be ready to handle heavier weights. You’ll still be sore, but it won’t be a burden to the point where it’s not smart to go back and lift more.

              If you ramp up the right way, you can actually make more gains than going all out on that first week back. Since the recovery time is quicker, you’ll be able to lift the same muscle group twice in the same time it takes to recover from one all out workout. This logic only applies when first getting back into weight training.

              The next thing that is important to take note off is if you intend to lift heavy again, you need to have the right nutrition. Your body will feel like it’s been hit by a truck that first week or so back so you need the right amount of protein in your diet to help yourself recover. Don’t be afraid to load up on protein and lots of good night sleeps especially during those first couple weeks back in the gym.

              I’m excited to get back to lifting weights again and I’m sure I’m not alone. These crucial tips will help you maximize your progress while limiting the chances of injury from doing too much too soon. Allow your body to get use to the new routine you’re putting it through and your body will be back in business in no time.

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