Move your Body and your Mind Will Follow

              The best way to pick yourself up mentally is with physical activity. Lots of time when we’re feeling lazy or unmotivated, it’s because our bodies are not getting the sufficient amount of movement it requires. Our bodies need a certain amount of work. That’s just the way we were biologically engineered. Our bodies need work to feel useful and if we don’t feel useful, then we start to become lazy and unmotivated.

              There’s a common say that, “Whatever is in motion stays in motion” and that couldn’t be more true in relation to our bodies. Our bodies need activity to feel alive. Lots of times we wait until our mind is motivated to do some activity, but that is backwards. It’s our bodies that have to come first. Then our mind will follow. Our mind only feels useful if our bodies feel useful. That’s why any physical activity like exercise, sports, walking, etc. help boost our mental performance. This physical activity makes our brains more sensitive to dopamine. This dopamine is the chemical that our bodies create and release that gives us happiness, boosts mental performance, boosts memory, and makes us more motivated.

              If you ever feel bored or lazy or unmotivated, then start by getting out of that funk by going for a walk. Work on jumpstarting that dopamine factory in you. One small physical activity may lead to a larger physical activity and who knows where that snowball will end up.

              You’ll also notice that this positive effect also works in the other direction if we don’t utilize our physical bodies. Being lazy with our bodies will only make us lazier with our minds. This will lead to sloppy work, shortcuts, and even more laziness. Once this snowball happens, it’s difficult to stop. That’s why it’s crucial to stop this negative momentum when you first realize it happening. This way it is quicker to stop and reverse.

              Kick start your dopamine factory with physical activity. That’s why many world-class performers in the arts and business like to start their day off with exercise. It sets the tone for the rest of the day and one good deed leads to another. It also pushes their mind to have better mental performance, creativity, and memory. Train your bodies to stay moving and your mind will follow.

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