Mental Benefits of Getting Up Early

              I’ll admit. I’ve never been much of a morning person. I love a good morning of sleeping in. Pulling the covers over my head and heading back to sleep in the morning is like serving me up a hot fudge sundae. But like all things, this should be done in moderation. We all have been guilty of taking a guilty pleasure too far. And for me, sleeping in has definitely been one of those.

              I get a lot of pleasure out of sleeping in. However, that pleasure is almost always followed by guilt. This pleasure is an immediate pleasure and that is the cheapest type of pleasure. Anyone can do what they want right now. What separates the men from the boys is holding off on that pleasure until after putting in work. Having to work, struggle, and hold off on pleasure is one of the most high quality types of pleasure. This type of pleasure builds character, self-esteem, work ethic, and happiness in the long haul. Not to mention that it gets rid of any guilt.

              That is why getting up early in the morning can be so beneficial. It is the perfect recipe to hit all of those targets I just described. It takes discipline to get up in the morning and start your day when you’d rather sleep in. It takes discipline starting work or exercising first thing in the morning. Doing this will help you start your day off right and get you in the right mental mind frame to take on the day. It is a power boost that gives you momentum to get your work done for that day.

              I like to get up around the time the sun is rising and go on a walk. There is so much benefit our mind and well-being get out of just walking, especially in nature. And doing this first thing in the morning is a great way to set the tone for the day you want to have. It will relax you and energize you all at the same time. I like to walk around a nearby park for about 30 minutes. It helps your mind slowly get started instead of forcing it awake with coffee, work, or office politics.

              I’ve also found that walking in nature first thing in the morning helps give my mind a sense of motivation. Doing so gives me a positive attitude as I have time to prioritize my day, making the day seem more manageable that it may initially seem.

              Another added benefit I do in the mornings is leave my phone behind. I make a conscious effort not to look at my phone for the first few hours of the day. This helps me cut out any distractions that come with having my phone on my at all times. It gets rid of the distractions and time wasters like social media temptations. It helps you take your mind off of the outside world and helps channel your focus on you and what you have to get done for the day. It’s my favorite method for those days where I have heaps of work to get done. Leaving your phone behind in the mornings has helped my brain become more active too. Since I have no stimulation from my phone or its distractions, my mind makes up for it by stimulating itself with thought and creativity. That’s another reason why I like to get my tasks that require creative work done in the mornings. Because my mind is already set to think that way thanks to the absence of having my phone on me.

              So, what are the benefits of getting up early? Well to be honest there are too many to list. But to sum up as best as I can, it helps you focus your energy on your tasks for the day. Getting up early sets the tone for how you are going to win the day. Are you going to turn off the alarm and pull the covers over your heads, allowing the enemy to win? Or are you going to take control of your day and get done all your tasks for the day? One victory like getting out of bed early will lead to another victory, then another victory, and then before you know it you have accomplished everything you set out to do for the day. Then it’s time to put your feet up and relax. Work before play. Then you can enjoy the feeling of winning the day and the happiness that brings. See you tomorrow morning!

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