The Quarantine Times 37 – The Power of Being Pushed

              With the lack of access to fun, entertainment, and normal life, you may notice yourself being down in the dumps from time to time. And that’s ok. But try not to harp on that feeling for too long. Use this as an opportunity to discover the power of pushing yourself. With work perhaps being slow, we have less on our plate. Therefore it’s more important now more than ever to learn how to push ourselves.

              The best way I’ve learned to push myself is with exercise. Pushing myself in exercise is the best practice I’ve taken to help my mental performance and my overall feeling of happiness. I not only benefit physically from it, but the effect it has on my psyche is even more profound.

              Pushing yourself with exercise, whether it’s sprints or free weights, is crucial. There is a barrier we put on ourselves that tells that we don’t want to do something. This barrier is best eliminated by pushing yourself with exercise. Exercise is the best way to break through that barrier. Personally, I like to exercise earlier in the day. The reason for this is to break the laziness barrier early on, making the rest of my activities that day seem easier to accomplish since I am now in the go getter mentality.

              Once you get through this laziness barrier, other tasks seem smaller and more achievable. Your attitude also shifts. You go from not wanting to do anything, to motivated and wanting more challenges. This is a huge boost in your morale and helps relieve all of your stress.

              Depending on your physical health and age, find the right way to push yourself physically. Doing so will provide you numerous physical health benefits and even better mental benefits. Push yourself and discover what you can really achieve.

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