The Quarantine Times 1 – Allow me to explain “Blahh”


Good morning. Today is day 10 of the Coronavirus quarantine and I am officially bored out of my mind. Yesterday I got to the point of really establishing a plan for today and to get after it because it’s been so boring. I think I laid in bed all day outside of doing 300 pushups. I didn’t go outside once and it drives me crazy to see me this lazy. I want to explore this laziness. This quarantine really shows me the lack of motivation I have. Is it lack of motivation or lack of guidance? Maybe both. I do strive under leadership, so maybe I just need to become a better leader for myself. Starting my day off wrong makes it much harder to get back on track. I found it is better to get everything done in the beginning of the day. For example, I went on a…

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