Supplemented Saturday Episode 1


Ok here we go. I would like to go on the record and say that I am supplementing currently. I won’t mention which neuropathway boosting substance I am on, but just felt it was necessary to come full disclosure. I am in my favorite café in Baltimore called Koba Café. It’s a really nicely decorated café with super nice workers. I have a large dark roast coffee, which I take black, and just finished a tasty breakfast burrito. And later, I have some kombucha that I’ll be trying.

The purpose of this self-proposed explorative journey is mainly to have fun and give me a beneficial and relaxed environment to journey to the middle of my brain. I am not limiting where fingers go on these keys nor where my mind goes. I wouldn’t mind touching on self-development, entrepreneurial thoughts, and just any ideas. So, batter up. First up we have…

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