How To Build Your Trapezious Muscles (Traps)


I went
through a phase during my senior year of college and during my graduate studies
where I really wanted big trapezius muscles. I can’t explain why except for
that I thought they often stand out on lifters. A nice set of traps usually
gives lifters a much bigger look. I explored how to grow and concentrate on
practically every other muscle group, so I thought why not give my upper back a
chance. I never focused on my traps/upper back much, so this was a good
opportunity to find out how to grow these difficult muscles.

If you’re
looking to grow these muscles, the first thing you should know is that these
muscles are difficult to build. It takes a lot of patience before you see
results. Unlike biceps (which are very simple to build), traps require a
different type of lifting. I don’t mean just different exercises, but…

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