Supplemented Saturday Episode 1

Ok here we go. I would like to go on the record and say that I am supplementing currently. I won’t mention which neuropathway boosting substance I am on, but just felt it was necessary to come full disclosure. I am in my favorite café in Baltimore called Koba Café. It’s a really nicely decorated café with super nice workers. I have a large dark roast coffee, which I take black, and just finished a tasty breakfast burrito. And later, I have some kombucha that I’ll be trying.

              The purpose of this self-proposed explorative journey is mainly to have fun and give me a beneficial and relaxed environment to journey to the middle of my brain. I am not limiting where fingers go on these keys nor where my mind goes. I wouldn’t mind touching on self-development, entrepreneurial thoughts, and just any ideas. So, batter up. First up we have business.

              I am still not an entrepreneur. Unfortunate I know. I have made several mental leaps that I feel are pushing me closer and closer to the edge. All I have to do now is to jump. Is this really progress, though? I think so. And that may be an excuse, but I feel a lot closer than I did a year ago. Perhaps it is because these things take a lot of thought behind it before a single step is taken. Although, reading that last sentence back gives me mixed feelings. Reason “one” is because I have not taken any physical steps, only “mental steps”. Reason “two” is because I like and admire those who jump into a hole and force themselves to climb out. I guess you can say I am walking into a cold pool by taking the stairs instead of jumping straight into the deep end. Which is more painful? Which do you learn quicker? Damn. But I have my idea. I want fitness a fitness, health, and lifestyle brand. But I have decided to start small with one (maybe two) product(s) to sell. Lately I’ve been into mobility and flexibility. That involves not just stretching, but also massage and rolling out. I’ve never been big on stretching nor rolling out. One of the many reasons why my legs are super tight. Question to self**…If I‘m not “big on” stretching or rolling out, should I pursue this niche? Excellence question. I’m not sure but it is something that I admire and makes me feel good. Also when I look at my buying habits, my history is mostly consisting of products that I want to get into or try after reading an article. My history is less about products that I currently use. That’s very interesting to point. Only one thing comes to mind when thinking about regular purchase. And that’s acne lotions. That seems to be an outlier since I can’t think of anything else. Most of my purchase are different types of supplements or fitness stuff I want to use more of. However, my usage of these products are never long term (again, excluding Acne Lotion). Most of the usage graphs would look like a steep hump then a slow decline. That makes me think about what that says about the products I would want to sell. Well for one, it can’t be a commodity. I think that takes generic drop shippers off the table. I have decided to sell something unique and in a field that I would like to get into. Stretching and trigger point products are two things that I want to get into. A couple months ago I purchase a trigger point massage cane, which I use almost never now. It was nice at first, but I think I like rolling out with a lax ball much better. It feels more like a massage and less like a small point. Furthermore, looking back at a product that I considered getting was a stretching tool. Again, another thing I want to get more into but can see myself using quickly then slowly decreasing usage after the honeymoon stage. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I mean it has caught my interest. I know those things would be good for me, which is accompanied by an emotional response. Plus, it’s always something that people at the gym or those who play a sport say everyone should do more of. Ah ha!! We have an example of this very topic that is going on right in front of my face. I recently bought a pack of Kombucha. This is something that I never drink and only got it because when I was in San Diego, my friend talked me into gut health and kombucha is one thing that is great for gut health. To make a long story short, this is another interest that came and most likely will go. I don’t mean it in a bad way. It may even be good that this happens to me. For one reason, it cost money over time to keep buying lots of health stuff. Another reason is because I’m just testing what I like. I’m allowing my brain to trick itself into doing something healthy so I can feel good about it. Although like everything, consistency is key to everything so one time consumption doesn’t have any real benefit nor backlash. Now let’s compare this to a product that I would like to sell. It has to be health related. This is the common denominator of all the purchases that I can think of. Another commonality is it is something I ingest. For example, a supplement, tea, or health powder. Is an edible product something that I want to get into? I really don’t think so to be honest. I think this space is overcrowded and simply put, there’s too many different things out there that discourage me. On the other hand, it would be easy to market using blogs, pictures, or social media. I wouldn’t really need product to be in the pictures. I could just show an activity of someone doing the topic area the supplement benefits. I don’t want to take supplements completely off the table, but they would be better as an add-on to my existing store rather than a product I start and build on. So with ingested products off the table for now, that leaves me with physical health. I’m getting less into heavy weights and bulking and more into mobility and tension easing. As a result, a product that helps me become more mobile or ease tension may be the answer, for now at least until my monkey brain goes to another interest. And after all this thinking, I’m right back where I was. I already knew I wanted to build a small business around a stretching or, most likely, a tension easing product like a massager. Ok time to move on to the next round.

              Now up to bat, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I really am missing it. The last time I went to class, it was amazing. I have so much energy after those classes. It really is great. This new gym is way better than my last gym. There’s more person to person connection, which is important to me. I tapped this brand newbie. I know it sounds like I ganged up on the new kid. But it’s important to see where I came from. I was once a first timer that didn’t know what to do. I used to be who that kid was. And the fact I tapped him three times easily shows progress, which is encouraging. After I got my taps, I went to a more advanced opponent and we had a battle. I had him in full guard for a while, but I couldn’t get the triangle that I was going for. I got a little tired from so many attempts, which he then used to his advantage by passing my guard and getting me in full mount. There wasn’t really any progress from there on. I put him back in half guard but that fell through and he was back completely on top. He actually ended up tapping, but not because of me submitting him unexpectedly. It was because he was tired and the fight wasn’t going anywhere. So basically I won. I was tired too, but I don’t like the idea of tapping because I’m tired. That to me is a cop out. Nevertheless, he was really cool about it and helped me work on my triangle after our battle. He taught me some moves and gave me some tips. I get a great amount of pleasure out of rolling, also known as sparring. Anything that makes me feel more primal makes me feel good for some reason.

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