The Quarantine Times 3 – Allow Yourself to Be Bored


Another successful day of no Blahh (feel free to read, The Quarantine Times 1 for the full description of “Blahh”) during the day for me. And I’m trying to weed out what is an actual effect of the no Blahh and what is a placebo more or less. In other words, whenever I try something new there is usually an over-exaggerated effected when I first start something. I don’t think placebo is the right word, but it’s close. For example, if I try a new energy drink that I’m really excited about and then I have this great reaction and I’m super energized. Did I have that great reaction due to the energy drink itself or because I was excited about trying a new energy drink, or both? I guess excited would be the word then, not placebo. Well anyways, I’m still working out what is an effect due to…

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