How to Optimize Your Nightly Routine


I have
already written about my morning routine hacks. Now I’d like to walk you
through my nightly routine that sets me up for a great night sleep. The best
preparation for tomorrow is a great night sleep. Great sleep is not just about
quantity, but quality also plays a crucial role in recovery and helping to
provide a refreshing feeling when you wake up. If you’re still not sold, I’ll
share a quick story about last night. I had a very stressful day which doesn’t
come around often for me. Usually I am very aware about controlling my stress,
but yesterday was one of those days where I found myself snowballing into
constantly more stress. When night time came around, I did my normal nightly
routine, but this time I did it more carefully than I normally do since I
really wanted to beat the stressful feeling I had…

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