The Quarantine Times 11 – It Takes 10 Years to Become an Overnight Success


“It Takes 10 Years to Become an Overnight Success”. This quote is one of my most thought about quotes in the past year or so. I think there’s a lot of wisdom in there. Most entrepreneurs would agree with this. One of the most important concepts to embrace when someone is starting a business is perseverance. There is more value to putting in a small amount of effort day after day than there is in being extremely motivated for a short time.

This concept randomly popped in my head during my morning run, as do many random thoughts. But this one stuck and I pondered it for a bit. What if starting a business is just something to do? I feel like some days when I am motivated and want to get stuff done, my options are limited to write, workout, or even clean. What if I had something in…

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