The Power of Not Thinking/Caring


Don’t get me wrong. I would consider myself as someone who
thrives when able to breakdown and dissect a problem to come up with the best
possible answer. Whether there is a problem at work, social life, or just part
of your everyday tasks, I take pride in my ability to think my way to the best
solution. However, there comes to a point where thinking too much has a
diminishing return. I’m talking about overthinking.
What is it? How do we deal with it? What can we do to be better decision
makers? As much as I am satisfied with my ability to breakdown a wide range of
problems, “I am a textbook over-thinker” (gold stars for those that know who
I’m quoting).

I’m a perfectionist at my core. At
times it’s great. Other times I notice myself thinking about a problem too much
to make sure it’s…

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