How to Become an Idea Machine


If you’ve ever struggled coming up
with a product or service you’d like to sell or start a company around, then
you may want to read on. I came across this book, Choose Yourself by
James Altucher, and was blown away with the material in it. For those who have
read the book then this post may sound a bit repetitive. However, I provide
some tweaks to the method he preaches that I’ve seen to be very beneficial.

In this
book, James tells you about how to believe in yourself and your own ideas. In
order to believe in your own ideas, you need to have ideas. Duh. For some
people, this comes easier than it does for others. If you read my blogs, then
chances are you have some level of desire to own your own business and be your
own boss. You can’t get to that point if…

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