The Quarantine Times 2 – A Review of Yesterday’s Success

Yesterday was one of most refreshing days I’ve had in a while. All thanks to the goals I set out for that day. To sum it up, I basically had no social media, videos, movies, and shows until 8pm and added in various chores and physical activities throughout the day. First off the day felt much longer than normal. Since I wasn’t in blahh state (if you’re confused on what I mean by “blahh” I explain what blahh state is in the first article of this series here: The Quarantine Times – Allow me to explain “Blahh”), my mind was always going. I was looking for things to do or else I’d be staring at a wall. In all honesty, those were the only options that I had for myself. Don’t settle into the blahh. That is some good advice. I think I’m a social media addict and was so accustomed to getting a funnel of social media into my brain, transforming me into a blahh state of mind with no ideas coming in or out. I was fidgety throughout the day like I wanted to create something. I kept having the urge to organize my room, find an easy way to do certain gym exercises which normally require heavy weights, and thinking. That last part is key and most underrated. I was having more thoughts. Less outside stimulation meant I had to have more internal stimulation. All in all, I’m going to give this another shot. I’m not going to copy the whole list for today, but I like the no blahh (social media, YouTube, Netflix) until 6 pm. This will be interesting to see how this manages when I go back to work.

              Another thing I enjoyed about yesterday is I started writing first thing in the morning. It was almost energizing. Almost better than a cup of coffee. Nothing fake about it though. It was raw natural energy and excitement from there on out. A very good way to start the day. I hope I keep up with things I can write about. I also worry if I can keep this up when I go back to work as well. The benefits of writing first thing in the morning almost deserves to have its own blog to be honest. Many authors say they prefer writing first thing in the morning because their brain hasn’t been distracted by anything yet and is still empty from sleep. I can see what they mean by it. I am much more fluid and have extremely little writer’s block come first thing in the morning. I guess if all else fails you can talk about your dreams.

              Lastly, after going through this blahh cleanse I had such a weird energy surge at night. This could be because I’ve been going to bed later than originally since I’m not waking up at 6:15 am anymore. I’ve been working from home so I’ve been getting up around 7:30 am. It’s entirely possible that I’ve just shifted my energy to later in the day. On the other hand, I think it is also entirely possible that since I wasn’t in blahh state, which would normally suck the energy right out of me through my eyes, I was able to produce a healthy and sustainable amount of energy even late at night. This theory needs more test data to confirm. Stay tuned on this one.

              Is this sustainable? I don’t know that answer. I am notorious for having glimpses of being able to mimic entrepreneurs, health experts, productivity masters, but that for the most part has been temporary. Some chapters last longer than others, but I take a part of each experience to hold on to long term. However, nothing has lasted to the point of doing it every day from there on out. I don’t necessarily believe people can change overnight. This is a new habit and an addiction that I’m getting over. Habits take time to form and addiction takes time to get over. So, I need to consciously work on this to get better at it. I cannot assume I am changed and if it doesn’t work just throw my hands up like I had no control over it. Be a professional. A professional goes in and gets the assignment done day in and day out as if it was part of his everyday life and not an action item for that day. Think of it as exercise. I exercise because that’s who I am. I am going to exercise and there is no way around it. It’s so embedded in my DNA that I don’t even think of it as something I have to do, I just do it because it’s a part of my normal day just like brushing my teeth is a part of my day. And how did I get to that point? It started off as an action item that I repeated day in and day out until it got embedded deep into who I am. And that’s what needs to be done here for this to really work. A one-off thing never lasts and this won’t either if that’s the case. Be discipline, be a man, and be a professional.

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